Geoff Norcott

Comedian and writer Geoff Norcott’s career has snowballed since a successful Edinburgh Fringe in 2016 with his show CONSWERVATIVE. Since then Geoff has appeared on LIVE AT THE APOLLO (BBC 2), MOCK THE WEEK (BBC 2), HAVE I GOT NEWS FOR YOU (BBC 1), HOUSE OF GAMES (BBC 1), THE COMPLAINTS DEPARTMENT (Comedy Central), QUESTION TIME (BBC 1), THE LAST LEG (C4), A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN (Sky), COMEDIANS GIVING LECTURES (Dave), POINTLESS CELEBRITIES (BBC 1),  CELEBRITY MASTERMIND (BBC 1), WOULD I LIE TO YOU? (BBC 1), THE NEWS QUIZ (BBC RADIO 4), BREAKING THE NEWS (BBC RADIO SCOTLAND) and as a regular correspondent on the BBC 2 smash hit THE MASH REPORT, as well as fronting his own documentary HOW THE MIDDLE CLASSES RUINED BRITAIN, again for BBC 2. He’s also had several successful national stand-up tours, with TAKING LIBERTIES touring in 2019 and 2020, and new show I BLAME THE PARENTS touring 2021/2022.

Being a rare stand-up who leans to the right, Geoff has also found himself in demand as a social commentator on shows like DAILY POLITICS (BBC 1), ALL OUT POLITICS (Sky News), VICTORIA DERBYSHIRE (BBC 2), JEREMY VINE (Channel 5), FREE SPEECH NATION (GB News). In this capacity, he’s also been popping up on the radio with his own BBC Radio 4 specials WITHDRAWAL DISAGREEMENT and RIGHT LEANING BUT WELL MEANING (which won the 2019 BBC Radio & Music Award for Best Comedy Production), as well as discussing comedy and politics on LOOSE ENDS (R4), TODAY (R4) and GOOD WEEK, BAD WEEK (5Live).

Geoff often appears on Times Radio and is also the host of the popular podcast WHAT MOST PEOPLE THINK. His satirical comment has found its way into national publications with articles appearing in The Times, The Sunday Telegraph, The Independent and The New Statesman, and Geoff remains in high demand as a writer for TV too, with an impressive list of credits, including: Channel 4’s ALTERNATIVE ELECTION, 8 OUT OF 10 CATS (C4), THE RANGANATION (BBC 2), JUDGE ROMESH (Dave), THE SARAH MILLICAN TELEVISION PROGRAMME (BBC 2), A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN (Sky 1), XMAS LIVE AT THE APOLLO (BBC 2), KATHERINE RYAN IN IRELAND (Sky Arts), and 8 OUT OF 10 CATS DOES COUNTDOWN (C4). 

Geoff’s other awards include a nomination for Best New Show at the Leicester Comedy Festival and an Operational Services Medal for five frontline tours entertaining the troops in Afghanistan.

His first book WHERE DID I GO RIGHT?: HOW THE LEFT LOST ME was published by Monoray in May 2021.